Friday, November 12, 2010

*Smells like teen spirit*

*Obama stumped by a H.R. college student*

Or so,was the *Times'* headlines.Amazing,isn't it?The world's most powerful leader,*stumped* by a regular college student in Mumbai.And then,he proceeds to rattle something about how he was expecting this question and coming up with a totally mumble-jumble answer.Prepared,did he say?
Well,this post ain't about Obama.Nor about their Mumbai trip.Nor about how awesome a dancer the lady O is.We've read that.I'll assume,you have too.
Its about the *teen spirit*.Remember that song by Nirvana..Goes something like..

"With the lights out it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us"

*yeah,We aren't waiting to be given a chance.We grab the opportunity.Come,entertain us.*

Perhaps,its the hunger of knowledge.Blame it on the abundantly available information.When it comes to tactful information,everybody's got it.What's google for?So how does that give someone the edge?
It's all about the presentation.Today,the youth has what it takes to present themselves with the utmost confidence.Sometimes,its contadictory.They lead you to believe something they say,when its not even true.Yeah,we're smart,like that.
Teen spirit's got a new high.They smoke,they drink,they dope,and they are unappologetic about it.They don't hide.They flaunt.That's the new mantra.Be it talent or the money.
They go on to say what they feel,say what they want,unabashedly.
They pretend to know what's right,and they can distinguish the wrong.They are good actors.
But its not just about being showy.We're intelligent,perhaps more intelligent than what our parents would want us to be.We're ambitious in a healthy way.Its not about pulling the other down.We try getting better than what we are.
Teen spirit is infectious and growing.And that's the way,it intends to stay.

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