Monday, November 8, 2010

New blog.

I don’t know,why I’m here,with another blog.I mean I had one.I was happy with that blog.
But,the problem with this 17-year old funny,quirky girl is that,she can be a tad serious too.Like very serious.
And she thinks this blog would sound more serious than the other one.Hence,this blog.
So yes,my name is Meher.I’m seventeen.Twenty-one more days to go for me to turn into an adult (see,i write number names.I’m that serious).I’m very serious about the few genuine relationships in my life.I guard them firecely.
I have a mom and dad.Like everybody does.
I really want to make it big in life.Thats the ambitious me,being all serious.
You might think,what does a seventeen year old,who dosen’t write the best english,know about blogging,and about doing well in life.You might think,here,we go,another kid on blogosphere.So I’d rather you think again.I’m very passionate about very word I write.I know,I’m not the best.But I can be very good.
I make sense,most of the time,atleast to me,I do.
Lest hope,this was introduction enough.

I hope to get all this.


Splurgerina said...

you are very cute and I like the way you's very genuine!!

rainboy said...

if you're passionate then I will definitely read your posts meher...

have a nice day
the smell awaits you :)

MissTerious♥ said...

good u restarted with another blog. i found u gtng lost in the older one....:)

Jeweliot said...

*showers lots of love, luck and blessings*

you'll do well in life. aashiwardsssss!

Anonymous said...

Now; that's attitude and self-appreciation. Not that anybody wants to complain - It's just an innovative way to blog and reach out to millions. Good luck with the theme and write more. :)

The Silhouette said...

Hey, Hi

May you find all that you are looking for...but, do be ready for what may be underneath those pebbles...

The Silhouette...