Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A bout of grief.

She undid the knot, that she had been grasping onto her bosom so tight, all along. As she did, the mere cruelty of everything that life has had to offer her, struck her very bad. An impending sadness, almost akin to the one when Ram died, hit her in an instant. The eyes, that had tried to instill a picture of a promising future[and a picture it will remain, she thought to herself] in her daughter's life, could not betray her emotions any longer. How much were she to act? How much were she to hide?
When was she to let out her pain in the open? And when was she to express her dying emotions?

Meanwhile, Swati was busy making herself comfortable on her berth. Train rides have barely happened to her in her not so great childhood, and she was visibly excited. She could not stop beaming in anticipation of the candy-man that was to come at Remunda, something for which her mother lent her extra coins. Calcutta would arrive in a day's play, and after that a great future was awaiting her. She was sure, that all the liberties that have eluded her and her younger sister this long, would now happen. She looked at her baby sister, contently coo-cooing and she smiled to herself, thinking that there was no way Ramya would live the life she herself has lived all along. With her sister's income, Ramya will be educated, and an amazing life awaits her, in the not so distant future.

Ramya was bothered by the heat. It was too much suffocation for the young body to take in, she let out a cry or two here and there. Her mother swiftly led her to her bosom to keep her from crying. She sat close to her sister, and she sat on a funny seat in a funny enclosure, that was definitely not home. But, she had seen its picture somewhere? Somewhere, she can't recall. Where was it?

"Here, some money, and a few coins extra for the candy, like I promised". Swati's earnest blush broke her heart, but she continued, "Also, when you meet the man, Ram Kumar, is his name, do not give the money to him. Keep it for yourself, he will take you to a house, full of women, so you need not worry. I'm sure, you will be looked after very well. " She was choking now, so she chose to remain quiet.
The train let out its life-changing, soul-stirring, heart-breaking whistle to move. And moved, she did, with Ramya in her arms, and a lump in her throat, and hatred in her heart towards herself, for doing what she is, and towards the society, for every atrocity in her life.
Swati's smile, slowly changed into a sudden bout of sadness. The excitement levels had silently died now, as the wheels made their first movement. Somehow, impending grief, seemed more closer than soon-to-happen happiness. She looked outside the window at her mother, who was now crying inconsolably and her sister, wailing loudly, under the influence.
But it was too late to get down the train. Swati's life took its way to destruction, forever. 


Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
So after a break, you come back inspired!!

hmm, an unusal topic, but i should say, you have done justice to have nicely captured the emotions...and that too in way we would expect the characters to act...

Tightly woven, and beautifully presented...

The Silhouette...

p.s. - the wait has been worthwhile...

apeksha said...

Amaaazing. Love it SO much!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Wait a sec, Calcutta, lots of women? A man would take her there?
Was the girl just sent off to some damned place like prostitution or to some convent?

Mother's heart breaking as she cries aloud, I am a bit baffled.

Blasphemous Aesthete

some unspoken words said...

hey thas an awesome peace of writing. u have beautifully penned down said feelings:)

Deepika said...

Why such topic? Darkness engulfed me all the way from start till end. But i couldn't enjoy. Somehow the idea irked me.... But yet again, description was good. You know how to blow life in mere words. Good one meher.

ze bloggherr said...

I really liked how you managed to encapsulate the several sad facets of the issue in such a short,moving piece.
Really, really good stuff.