Thursday, February 24, 2011

How about a Bucket List?

So I was watching The Bucket List the other night, with even more contemplation than the two times before that. Why? Because I was feeling morose and so I thought, that the energy that's so lying dead inside me would be better concentrated on a movie so subtle, with a profound outlook to impending death.
Death is inevitable, very much like life, in the true sense of it. Very few of us are lucky enough [or not] to be told the time of their death. So, it's better to have a personalized bucket list, eh? Makes living life so much more purposeful, and joy-ful [which is not a word, by the way]. So, yes, caught up in the complex expressions that Morgan Freeman kept displaying every minute, I decided that I'm going to have a bucket list. A very own, personalized bucket list, that will give a deep meaning to my stupid existence on earth. So that, if tomorrow, a totally random person walks up to me, and asks "why-the-hell-don't-you-f***-off-from-the-face-of-this-earth*, I can proudly show him/her my bucket list, which at that moment, would be lying contently in my denim pockets waiting for its bulletins to be ticked off. Get it?
So well, I will not put up wishful and hypothetical things like I want to own a plush sea side bungalow in Goa/ a Volkswagen beetle/ *tada data*.. [read: loads of rich luxury stuff*] in the list, because that will make me look materialistic and blind to the simple pleasures of life. So well, cutting it short- THE LIST.

  • I want to have a walk by the sea shore, in a beach that would be enamored by the beautiful colours of sunset, that would be empty of all chaos, save for me and my special someone.
  • I want to bungee jump. Yep. Not because I'm an adrenaline junkie or something, but i want to experience the tense moment between me having worn my suit and me, being pushed down [considering there is no way on earth i'd jump down, compulsively].
  •  I want to go on a bag pack trip across India, experience my country first hand, eating in road side dhaabas, travelling in crowded buses and trains, asking for lifts from truckwallas, yes, that India has to be the most enriching, not the India trip that some tours&travels organizes for you.
  • I want to have a whole library made in my future house. Loads of books to be read, to be learned, and to be smelt. Yes, you read that right. The smell that emanates from a new book, is any reader's delight.
  • I want to take loads of photographs in my life. Yes, I have a taste for photography, and I want to adorn the walls of my future house with loads of them.
  • I want to make a silent, submissive trip to the backwaters of Kerala. Lets say, a self examining trip. And this is one trip, I wish to make alone, wherein I want to be away from the chaos of city life and experience beauty, serenity and simplicity first hand.
  • I want to go to Paris, yes.
  • I want to attain contentment, which is something I do not boast of, not right now. But someday, I want to be happy about how life is shaping up, and how there is nothing much to worry about.
  • I want to have thousands of followers, but more importantly I want to be appreciated for things that I believe I'm decent in, writing being one of them.
  • I want to write a book, or I want to contribute creatively to a very important piece of document.
  • I want to sing like crazy in a karaoke bar, yes, the soonest I can. And yes, I can sing pretty decently too.
  • I want to learn to play the tabla, so bad. And the guitar too, yep.
This list will keep getting updated in the recent future. You can never expect a person to want to do so less in their life span. Of course. Life is a funny place to live in. Sometimes so subtle, and sometimes, so on your face. It's kinda funny, really. But might as well take it with a pinch of sugar/salt as you may please.


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Reflections said...

Wow!Your Bucket List is almost similar to mine.Mine may not be having the learning part instead it would be being on a trip to Las Vegas :D Hope you achieve every one of your goals and dreams!Good luck!

Drama Personified (R) said...

Hoy I looove your list <3

defining amy said...

just googled "tabla." you are so cool.

Vikas Chandra said...

quite a nice list and honest one!
loved the bag pack trip to india one..i have done few of it..but not entirely india stuff.

astrosunilnomy said...

seems like a long list, better get started now, nice post, i think the list keeps on adding as we grow older , doesn't it ? my list too has some similarities with yours, but always stuck in financial obligations, can't take that leap in living a careless life ! but yes, can try a few average crazy ones !